Yellow Corn/Maize

Maize or corn is a cereal crop that is grown widely throughout the world in a range of agro ecological environments. More maize is produced annually than any other grain. About 50 species exist and consist of different colors, textures and grain shapes and sizes. White, yellow and red are the most common types.

The white and yellow varieties are preferred by most people depending on the region. Maize was introduced into Africa in the 1500s and has since become one of Africa's dominant food crops. Like many other regions, it is consumed as a vegetable although it is a grain crop. The grains are rich in vitamins A, C and E, carbohydrates, and essential minerals, and contain 9% protein. They are also rich in dietary fiber and calories which are a good source of energy.



  • Crude Protein: 7% Min.
  • Aflatoxin: 20PPB max.
  • Crude Protein: 7% Min.
  • Foreign Matter: 1.Max
  • Moisture 14% Max,
  • Broken Karnels-3% Max.
  • Damage Karnels- 2% max.
  • Lead 20PPM max.
  • Sand S: 1.5 % max.
  • Admixture: 1% Max.
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years.

Minimum Quantity: 50 Metric Tons

 Crop: Current Year

 Our Capacity: 200,000 Metric Tons per Month

Packing: 19 Metric Tons per 20ft container and 28 Metric tons per 40ft container. In 50 Kgs Net New Export Quality Bag with Machine Stitched, Net For Net Or As Required By Customer

Delivery details: within 30 days after receipt of your deposit

Payment: 50% TT advance after signing contract and proforma Invoice and balance 50% against shipping documents or through Letter of Credit.


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  3. Commercial Invoice
  4. Certificate of Origin
  5. Phytosanitary Certificate
  6. Cargo Insurance Certificate
  7. Certificate of Weight and Quality

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